Well, what a month! People say time flies when you are having fun and oh, how true that is!

I have recently joined the MAD-HR team as an HR Consultant and what a journey I have had already. But before I get too carried away, let me start from the beginning.

“Five stars”

“Training with Sophie on the 13th April was very informative. I found that outlining the importance of our role particularly useful.” Read the full review

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How it all began

As I am sure, like most people, I get notifications come through to me when a role that might be of “interest” is advertised and one day the role of HR Consultant at MAD-HR hit my inbox.

HR Consultancy work had always been something that I was really interested in doing. I had touched on doing some consultancy work in my career and loved being able to support different businesses, so when I saw this opportunity I thought, let’s have a look.

The more I read, the more it ticked so many boxes for me. I thought to myself, how often does this happen?! So, I decided to apply – I mean what do I have to lose?!

I have to say, they didn’t make it difficult – what an easy application process! Enter your first name – next, enter your last name – next, location – next, attach CV and relevant certificates – next, application successful! Well, that was simple! Now, it was time to wait.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to wait long until I received a call to say they would like me to attend an interview! Reality was now kicking in. I needed to prep for an interview! Working in HR I have the advantage of sitting on the other side of the desk, carrying out interviews (which I’m much more comfortable with!) but this time it was me who had to be interviewed.

I met with Carole (who, if you don’t know, is lovely and extremely knowledgeable!) and I thought to myself, ‘I want to work with her’! What an inspiration.

I was then shortlisted for the next stage, which was to carry out a task, and then shortlisted again for the next stage. This time it was an interview with Charlotte and Liz, who are equally just as lovely and knowledgeable, even if Charlotte did try to put me off – you can’t be too certain!

Last stage was a face-to-face interview with them all together! Phew, I had made it this far. Meeting them in person really helped to connect all the dots and to get a real feel for what working with them would be like. I’m sure you can work out now, since I am now writing this blog about my first month at MAD-HR, that I was successful in my appointment! So, my journey began!

What happened next

I handed in my notice and, during that period, the team at MAD-HR were fabulous at keeping in touch with me. I was able to attend a team catch-up and quiz, Charlotte and Liz kept in touch via emails and calls, and Jo (our Office Manager) sent me everything I needed and answered any questions I had. I already felt part of the team before I joined.

Onboarding had begun and I was ready to join my new team and start my new role.

My new role

During my first week, I spent time with Liz (my Line Manager) getting to know some of our processes, having a photo taken for the website (we all love having a picture taken on our first day!) shadowing client calls and going through my induction into MAD-HR and my new role as an HR Consultant. I also got to spend time with one of our other Consultants – Sophie – and virtually met Pauline!

Spending time with the team and shadowing really helped me to get a feel for how things worked. Having worked in HR for 20 years, I have just about got the hang of understanding HR processes, but getting to know how that is implemented in different businesses and their culture is the bit I needed to learn.

As I began to get more familiar with my role, I started to get given some client work and gradually began to meet the clients I would be working with and supporting. The clients I have met have been great to work with. I have had some interesting challenges, I’m not going to lie, but anyone who works in HR knows that no two days are ever the same and there is always some sort of curve ball along the way somewhere!

I then had the opportunity to spend two days with my new team, in person, at our team away day and LinkedIn training.

It was so lovely being able to meet everyone in person and learn more about the company I was working at. I think it is so beneficial to have that time together as a team and to fully engage with each other. We had a great session in the afternoon with Sue Firth, managing change and looking at how we work as people – something I have always been fascinated by.

LinkedIn training was carried out by Claire Durrant, which was an eye-opener for me. As someone who barely used LinkedIn, I think it is safe to say I am now addicted and fully appreciate its benefits and what it can do for a business and for me as a person. How great to do training on this and learn a new skill.

As the month went on, I became more integrated into my new role and team. I was then asked if I fancied writing a blog. I had never written a blog in my life, but not one to turn down a challenge or learn something new, off I went, and I think it is safe to say, I may have found a new vocation! Being given the opportunity to do something different whilst making a difference and enjoying it, equals a very happy and engaged member of the team!

My next challenge in my first month was to attend a networking event. Whilst I am very much an extrovert, networking is a whole new world! However, I put on my “big girl pants” and off I went to represent MAD-HR – a company I was new to, but already fully engaged with.

Being able to talk to new people about a company I fully believed in turned out not to be too difficult! It’s a skill I still need to master but something I am becoming more confident with. I’m pushing through my comfort zone!

In conclusion

My first month has been full of learning, developing new skills, understanding a new company and role, and meeting new people, with the occasional challenge thrown in for good measure! So far though, I have loved every moment and cannot wait to continue my journey and career at MAD-HR.

I appreciate this may seem very biased and you could be thinking, ‘this is all too good to be true’, but I can honestly say, I mean everything that I have written. As a company, we really do practice what we preach!

If you think you have what it takes to join our fabulous team or know someone who does, please visit our careers page.