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Purpose in business

Purpose – What’s your why? And why does it matter?

Liz Owers explores what 'purpose' means in business, and how you can discover your purpose in order to progress.

Company cash flow

How to keep a healthy company cashflow

Maintaining a positive cash flow within your company can be a challenge. Here are some useful tips for keeping a healthy cash flow.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts – how well do you know the different types?

The right type of employment contract ensures you reflect the engagement between the relevant parties and that the correct protections are in place.

HR Metrics

What can HR metrics do for you?

Want to make your HR strategy more effective? Check out these key HR metrics and see how they can help.

Workplace motivation

Workplace motivation – Working from home

How can you motivate employees working from home? Here are some helpful thoughts from a MAD-HR employee's perspective.

Cutting your training budget in tough times could be a costly mistake

Cutting your training budget in tough times could be a costly mistake

Find out why training in the form of learning and development for your business should remain a priority during tough times.

Employee with two jobs

Can Employees Have a Second Job? The Truth about Overemployment

The increased cost of living begs the question, 'can employees have a second job?' and also, 'can you stop them?'. Here are the answers.

King's Coronation bank holiday

Will there be a Bank holiday for the King’s coronation?

What are your plans regarding leave for your employees on the King's Coronation bank holiday? Here's what you should know.

How To Cut Costs Without Making Redundancies

How to cut costs without making redundancies

There are many ways to lower your expenditure without putting employees jobs at risk. Here are some valuable ideas for your business.

What is outplacement?

What is outplacement, and why should you consider it during redundancies?

Outplacement can be both practical and emotional and is beneficial to both the organisation and the employee.

Work appraisal

Appraisals – What you need to know!

The time spent together by manager and employee during a performance appraisal can be hugely valuable… when done right. Here's what you should know.

Festive Opening Hours 2022

Here are the details on our office opening times during the festive season 2022/3 and how you can contact our team.

living wage increase money photo

The National Living Wage increase 2023 and how it will affect your business

How will the increase to the National Living Wage announced in the autumn statement affect your business? Find out here.

HR Consultancy

Fancy a career in HR Consulting with MAD-HR?

If you're motivated, love working with people and are interested in helping organisations to operate better, HR consultancy could be for you.

Cost of living

How can employers help with the cost of living?

With the cost of living continuing to rise, we explore how employers can support their staff during this difficult time.

Update on the Norfolk Business Awards

At the glittering awards dinner on 24th November, MAD-HR is selected as a finalist at the Norfolk Business Awards 2022.

Lay off and short time working

Alternatives to redundancy – Lay-Offs and short-time working

What alternatives are there to redundancy? For some employers, lay-offs and short-term working may be just what you are looking for.

Business team

‘The difference between a good director and a great director is the company you keep…’

Good company matters - and for those seeking to launch, run and lead a business, it’s imperative that your team represents good company too.

Financial wellbeing - supporting your employees

Financial well-being – Supporting your employees

Financial wellbeing is part of employee wellbeing. Here's how to format your wellbeing strategy to support your staff financially.

Purpose into strategy

Translating your purpose into strategy – why into how

The connection between purpose and strategy is fundamental to how we show up for our customers and how they experience working with us. 

Local Grant Funding Opportunities for SMEs & Start-Ups

This guest blog is from Hethel Innovation, explaining the latest grant funding opportunities and their application processes.

Frocks at the Ready….We’re a Finalist (Again)

The team at MAD-HR are delighted to share that we have been selected as a finalist in the Customer Excellence category at the EDP Business Awards 2023.

HR Metrics that Matter

Using metrics based on your people should be a critical part of your business strategy. The MAD-HR Team explain further.

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