resilience scrabble letters

Building Resilience at Work

Advice from the MAD-HR Team, focussing on building resilience in your workforce. Examples of resilience and hints to help foster it.

skeletons halloween

HR Halloween Nightmares

A spooky look at some HR nightmares from the MAD-HR Team, from ghost employees to skeletons in the closet, just in time for Halloween.

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MAD-HR Director Carole Burman reveals the secrets behind people-led growth on the Sales Cadence podcast

FInd out what happened when MAD-HR Director Carol Burman recorded a podcast with The Sales Cadence podcast.

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Embracing the future of work – what are the future trends in the workplace?

Advice and opinions from the MAD-HR Team, focussing on the future trends in the workplace and how your business can grow.

Positive discrimination

Positive Discrimination: how to stay within the law

What steps can an employer lawfully take to improve the diversity of their workforce? We explore positive action vs. positive discrimination.

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AI for Business and the Future of HR – Threat or Opportunity?

Advice from the MAD-HR Team. Read about the rise of AI and how the technology can help with HR in your business.

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace – Top Tips to Embrace Neurodiversity

We’re all unique; some of us think and work differently. We explore top tips for supporting and embracing neurodiversity in your business.

suffolk business awards

One Year On From Award Gold

MAD-HR Managing Director Carole Burman looks back on the Suffolk Business Awards and celebrates this year's nominees


Leadership for Innovators

Being a successful innovator demands more than just ideas. Read our blog to find out how this can affect your business.

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Preparedness is the key to supply chain success

Don't miss out on supply chain opportunities. Plan ahead with our top tips for preparedness to lead you to success.

flexible working

The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 – are you ready?

Soon the law on flexible working will change. Do you know how those changes will affect your business and what your new responsibilities are?

typewriter with goals

Transforming HR Landscape: Vision Meets Action

By combining a clear vision with purposeful action, we strive to provide HR solutions that really Make A Difference.

Offboarding Process – How to Protect your Business from Exiting Employees

Offboarding Process. How to protect your business from existing staff. You might have an onboarding process for new staff but what about when they leave?

football team

Game Plan to Profit: Unleashing the Winning Strategies of Business and Football

In this blog, we explore the parallels between these two worlds and uncover valuable insights which can be applied to both fields.

workplace investigation

HR Investigations – Best Practice When an Employee Situation Needs Greater Attention

Part 2 of our series on how to deal with tricky employee situations – both from a prevention perspective and in terms of rapid response


Navigating tricky employee situations

Few employers look forward to tricky conversations with their employees, but there are ways to take the pain out of talking.

norfolk show cow

MAD-HR at the Royal Norfolk Show 2023 – come and say hello!

We are pleased to announce that we will be at the Royal Norfolk Show this year. We will be on stand 19 in The Business Hub

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ESG – What is it and should we be doing it?

If you are unsure what ESG is, and what impact it could have on your business growth, please read this article.

big suffolk pledge team

Employee Culture, Community Action Suffolk and #TheBigSuffolkPledge

Find out how MAD-HR are getting involved with the #TheBigSuffolkPledge initiative by Community Action Suffolk

employment law gavel

Working Time Regulations, TUPE & Non-compete Clauses – Proposed legislative changes

Find out how proposed employment law amendments to several areas of UK Employment law will impact your business.

Employee Wellbeing Strategies that Actually Work

Putting your people first and prioritising employee wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s an absolute must.

Can neurodiversity be considered a superpower in the workplace?

Is it possible that an employee who is living with neurodiverse traits could be even more creative, engaged, focused and capable?

National Wage Increase April 2024: Changes, Implications and Adaptations

From the 1st of April 2024, national minimum wage rates are rising, and the national living wage threshold has been reduced.

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