Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the name given to a set of skills and tasks used to manage the people who work in an organisation. 


If you’re a business owner or leader, it’s important to understand the basics of HRM so that you can make informed decisions about your workforce. 


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Latest Human Resources Management articles

Employee with two jobs

Can Employees Have a Second Job? The Truth about Overemployment

The increased cost of living begs the question, 'can employees have a second job?' and also, 'can you stop them?'. Here are the answers.

World cup football on football pitch

Managing the World Cup 2022 and potential disruption

The FIFA World Cup is due to start soon, plan ahead to avoid disruption with staff who are football enthusiasts, find out how here

queens funeral flag at half mast on bank holiday

The Queen’s Funeral Bank Holiday – employers’ obligations and questions

The Queens funeral bank holiday has been officially announced. We look at the implications and obligations for employers.

Statement on the passing of HM The Queen

MAD-HR wish to convey their deepest sympathy to the Royal Family, on the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Whistleblowing: Whistle on a yellow background

Whistleblowing in the workplace

Interested in introducing a whistleblowing policy in your workplace? Here are some tips on what you might consider to include.


Holiday entitlement and pay for ‘part year’ workers – Are you getting it right?

The Supreme Court ruling on the case of Harper Trust v Brazel is final, and here's how it will impact holiday entitlement and pay


The Transformative Power of an HRIS

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is so much more than just a piece of database software. Here's what it can do for your SME.

Relationships at work

What is the best way to manage relationships at work?

If a romantic relationship forms between two of your employees, how should you deal with it? Here, we explore all aspects of relationships at work.


Time’s up – when probation doesn’t work out

We look at how to deal with concerns during the probationary period, and what to do when an employee fails probation.

return to work form featured image

What is a return to work interview?

Return to work interviews are meetings that allows managers to understand reasons for absences & assess the support required for employees

What are the pros and cons of apprenticeships?

Employing an apprentice: Pros and Cons

We look at the pros and cons of apprenticeships, funding available for apprenticeship programmes, what to be aware of, and more.

Employee benefits

How can your employee benefits offering help you in the current ‘war for talent’?

Ryan Oates, Corporate Services Director at SG Corporate Services, writes about employee benefits offerings for recruitment and retention.

Why your applicants are ghosting you

Why your applicants are ghosting you and how you can prevent it

We look at the growing trend of applicant ghosting, and what you can do to ensure that it doesn't happen to you.

Right to work checks

Right to work checks – what are the current UK regulations?

Advice on the current UK regulations for Right To Work Checks in 2022, including specific info for European Economic Area (EA) Citizens.

HR Compliance

HR Compliance and what it means for your business

What is HR compliance? And how do you carry out an HR audit? We cover all this and more in this useful article.

How to onboard successfully

How to onboard a new employee successfully

Onboarding can be a tricky process to get right, but once you do, it will be more rewarding for both you and your new employees.

Harnessing online recruitment opportunities

How to harness online recruitment opportunities

A candidate-driven market is forcing employers to reassess their recruitment methods. Find out how changing your recruitment strategy helps.

Statutory pay and compensation limits increase April 2022

Changes to Minimum wage, Statutory pay & Compensation limits 2022

Find out how statutory rates of pay and compensation limits and rules from April 2022 will affect your business.

The risks of discrimination in recruitment

The risks of discrimination in recruitment

Ensure you have a robust recruitment strategy to make certain you are protected from accusations of discrimination while recruiting.

Extra UK bank holiday 2022

The extra bank holiday in the UK for 2022

The extra bank holiday in 2022 may not be until June, but as an employer you should start making decisions about staff holiday now.

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This page of our site is our Human Resources Management hub. In this section, we share articles discussing the key aspects of HRM and explain why it’s essential for any business. We’ll also provide tips on how to get started if you’re just starting out.


The impact of Human Resources on businesses

Human resources has a significant impact on businesses of all sizes. By understanding the ever-changing landscape of employment law, human resources consultancy can provide guidance and support to companies to ensure they are compliant with current legislation. They can also advise on recruitment strategies, help with employee retention and offer training and development programmes to improve staff morale and motivation. In addition, human resources consultancy can provide expert guidance during periods of change, such as mergers and acquisitions or downsizing. By understanding the needs of both employees and employers, human resources consultancy can play a vital role in ensuring businesses operate smoothly and effectively.

From hiring and training new employees to ensuring that your current team is productive and happy, HR touches every aspect of your business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start when it comes to Human Resources Management, our team at MAD-HR can help. We have years of experience in all areas of human resources, from recruitment to retention, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Don’t let your business suffer because of poor HR – contact us today!

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