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How to avoid disability discrimination in recruitment

Managing redeployment of staff alongside health issues can present issues. Here are our expert HR tips on avoiding disability discrimination in recruitment.

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What you need to know about name blind recruitment

Government drives support for 'name blind' recruitment to improve rejection rates and encourages hiring from a pool of anonymous candidates.

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Managing employees’ social media use during sickness

An absent employee has posted photos on social media and appears to be well. Here's tips on managing employees' social media use during sickness

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Managing employees who choose not to take leave

Some employees don’t take their full entitlement to annual leave. We share advice on how to manage employees who choose not to take leave.

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Modern Slavery Act 2015 – What are the implications?

Modern Slavery Act 2015 - What are the implications for my business? From 1 October 2015 some employers must publish a slavery and trafficking statement

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HR support: 10 ways it can benefit your business

HR support - Companies can struggle with the management of their HR. Here are 10 reasons why companies may need HR support.


Calculating Redundancy Payment In Lieu Of Notice

If an employee is dismissed with a redundancy payment in lieu of notice the employer should take these steps to calculate the payment.


Grand-parental Leave: the Next Big Thing?

Grandparents will be able to take shared parental leave under plans announced at the Conservative Party conference.

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Directors Face Criminal Proceedings For Failing to Comply

Directors are accountable for business decisions including those affecting employment law. An example of case law where Directors Face Criminal Proceedings

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Choose the Right HR Company for Your Small Business

You created your business, now you need to choose the right HR company for your small business so you can grow it and thrive!


Could You Be Breaching The NMW and Not Know It?

The national minimum wage (NMW) involves more than flat rates of pay. keep up to date with the law and protect your business

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Handling Negative Online Reviews from Former Employees

when a former employee decides to provide an online review of your business which is less than positive how should you handle this

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How to manage bank errors in relation to salary payments

In August 2015 thousands of salary payments were held up in bank glitches. What do you do to manage bank errors in relation to salary payments?

Disciplinary Procedures

A look at Disciplinary Procedures and rights to re-hearings

proceedings are tricky enough and can lead to queries we take A look at Disciplinary Procedures and rights to re-hearings

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Why is Employee Engagement So Important For Your Business?

You may think that employees are engaged and motivated however a recent survey tells a completely different story. Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

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Unleashing the Power of Social Media

we have a written a blog to support you in managing employees Unleashing the Power of Social Media and not in a good way

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Tribunal Case Over Heat-of-the-Moment Dismissal

Good example to demonstrate to managers that they must avoid using words that could be construed as an on-the-spot dismissal

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Is Your Business Ready For Rugby World Cup?

The 2015 Rugby World Cup kicks off in September here in the UK. Employers need to plan ahead to minimise disruption cased by big sporting events.

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How To Manage Absence

Absence is a cost for any business – both financially and operationally – and therefore learning how to manage it makes good commercial sense.

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Tax-Free Childcare – What’s The Deal?

Tax-free childcare is part of the government's long-term plan to support working families and will provide up to 1.8m families with childcare support..

Fathers, Fairness and Flexibility

This Father's Day, our experts have been thinking about the latest employment-related updates in respect of paternity rights.

Congratulations to Suffolk’s Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists of the EADT Suffolk Business Awards 2024. If you're based in Norfolk then they are now accepting entries.

Grievance Investigations – Emotional Support for Managers

Grievance investigations can be daunting, but if they're keeping you awake at night, MAD-HR can help the process run more smoothly.

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