dirty car

Is your employee’s vehicle shameful?

We offer HR guidance in the situation where your employee's vehicle is shameful. A tricky one...but fear not, help is here

Accountant screen image

How To Be A Busy AND Profitable Accountant

As you work closely with your clients, more and more demands on your time occur, here's How To Be A Busy AND Profitable Accountant

Giving clients value image

How To Give Your Clients Value For Money

As a trusted advisor, it is important you add value to your clients' business. Here's how to give your clients value for money

Driving Licence

The abolition of the paper driving licence counterpart

The paper counterpart of the driving licence is no longer valid and will not be issued by DVLA. What does this mean for employers?

probation review

Probationary Period – What Happens If You Do Nothing

Probationary period - many employers set a period of probation for new employees but what happens if you don't do anything at the end of it?

Diabetes words and medication

Do you have to manage diabetes as a disability?

Get to grips with disability related employment law, protect you and your business. Learn if you should manage diabetes as a disability.

2015 General Election

The 2015 General Election – The Possible Changes For Employment Law

2015 General election. The MAD-HR team take a look at the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats & UKIP manafestos, regarding changes to employment law.


How To Conduct a Performance Appraisal

achieve your dream team by making your employees feel valued. a good way to do this is yearly appraisal. we look at how to: conduct a performance appraisal

termination of employment law

New Compensation Limits – Effective April 2015

New Compensation limits to statutory redundancy pay and the amount that employment tribunals can award for unfair dismissal, effective from 6 April 2015.

performance communication

How to have an effective performance conversation

An employee's performance can make or break your business. read our tips on how to How to have an effective performance conversation

employee grievance

Is an employee’s email complaint a grievance?

Electronic communication is used widely and freely to express ourselves so should an employee's dissatisfied email be treated as a staff grievance?

Fit for Work written on post it note

Useful info on the Government’s Fit For Work service

In 2014, the Government’s Fit For Work service was launched. We share useful info on what this involves and what the benefits are.

woman using twitter

What the EAT thinks about Twitter

With the use of social media so engrained in our lives, we take a look at What the EAT thinks about Twitter. Legal advice.


Getting Employees to Add Value to Your Business ASAP…

Getting employees to add value to your business. The quality of your induction is at the heart of How To Get New Employees to Add Value to your business

Parent and Child

What employers need to know about Shared Parental leave changes from April 2015

We share important updated for employers on shared Parental leave changes from April 2015. Read the tips and information here.

how to manage and hire people jpeg

Recruitment Tips for Hiring the Best Candidates

Not recruiting the right person can cost your business time, money and effort. Read our helpful tips for hiring the best candidates.


What you need to know about deductions on payslips

Employees are entitled to an itemised statement of pay when deductions on payslips are made, here we advise what you should provide them with.


Welcome to 2015 – Now What Does This Mean For Your Business?

2015 is general election year in the UK - so we should expect to see an avalanche of news, argument and raised voices over the issue of employment law.

clock and piggy bank on sesaw

What Holiday Pay and Overtime Rulings Means For Employers

employment tribunal sets Holiday Pay and Overtime Rulings regarding regular overtime and compulsory overtime. how does it affect you


Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – What Does It Mean For Employers?

We share the outcomes of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement and check out what difference it makes and what it means for employers in 2014

Employee Wellbeing Strategies that Actually Work

Putting your people first and prioritising employee wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s an absolute must.

Can neurodiversity be considered a superpower in the workplace?

Is it possible that an employee who is living with neurodiverse traits could be even more creative, engaged, focused and capable?

National Wage Increase April 2024: Changes, Implications and Adaptations

From the 1st of April 2024, national minimum wage rates are rising, and the national living wage threshold has been reduced.

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