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Protecting your brand webinar
8 Sep
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Protecting your Brand

Your brand plays a big part in how people perceive your business. Successful brands are carefully crafted to represent core values such as trust and integrity. You want clients, customers …

Preparing to return to work
22 Jul
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Preparing for a return to work

With lockdown so close to being lifted, furlough being phased out and the vaccine programme well underway, many businesses are needing to start thinking about how they will handle some …

28 Apr

Part of our HR Heroes training courses, this Family-Friendly entitlements training course will provide you with the knowledge needed to manage all types of absence that are available by UK …

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The Government has recently announced its road-map out of the lock-down and the phased closure of the furlough but with the vaccine programme still underway, many business owners are now …

best employers webinar event image
15 Apr

Do you think that you are one of the Best Employers in Norfolk or Suffolk? If that’s true and you’re not already part of the Best Employers Programme for 2021 …

HR Heroes - Capability and Grievance

As a part of our HR Heroes training courses, the Capability and Grievance module will offer practical solutions for your workplace. What is covered: We will look at those problematic …

The end of furlough is coming – are you ready?

The Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) – known as furlough – has acted as a lifeline to millions and runs until the end of September. More than 11.4 million …

Annual leave and the COVID implication

In any normal year, it’s something of a national pastime to ask where friends and colleagues have been on holiday, or where they plan to go. And yet, as we …

Dismissal on the grounds of personal conduct

When newspapers around the world recently captured the moment that Professor Chris Whitty was accosted by a group of jeering males, the world and his wife were quick to pass …

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