FeeFo Award

MAD-HR has won the Feefo Gold Trusted Service award!

We are thrilled and honoured that MAD-HR has won the Feefo Gold Trusted Service award. FeeFo is an independent seal of excellence.

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Purple Tuesday Spotlight

Purple Tuesday Spotlight. We talk to Brian Bush about how they have been coping with the pandemic as they approach their 9th Birthday.

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Ledger Business Solutions Spotlight

Ledger Business Solutions Spotlight. We talk to Mark, Porfolio Finance Director about how he supported companies in their efforts to obtain funding.

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Quickfire Digital Spotlight

Quickfire Digital Spotlight. We talk to Nathan Lomax, one of the founders of Quickfire Digital about their strategy for dealing with the pandemic.

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MAD-HR Spotlight

MAD-HR Spotlight. As part of our Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements series Charlotte Bate talks about the Hare, Tortoise or Hedghog. Learn more.

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Safepoint – Spotlight

Safepoint Spotlight - Callum Coombes - CEO talks us through how they have survived the Coronavirus in our Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements.

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Big Drop Brewing Co – Spotlight

Big Drop Brewing Co-founders James Kindred and Bob Fink talk to us about the impact of the pandemic on their drinks business as hospitality gets hit hard.

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Business Growth Coaches Network – Spotlight

Business Growth Coaches Network - Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements feature focus is with Peter Basford, talking about the impact of Covid-19.

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Queuepay Spotlight

Queuepay Spotlight - Ellis Heighes Director & developer talks about their challenges launching their new table passed pay app amist the pandemic.

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Evander – Spotlight

Evander Commercial Manager Ross Heyhoe talks to us in our next Covid-19 regional business success story about overcoming the pandemic.

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Expert Print Management- Spotlight

Expert Print Management Spotlight. Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements focus is on Paul Youngs and how he has taken his business through the pandemic.

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New Anglia Growth Hub Spotlight

New Anglia Growth Hub Covid-19 Regional Business Achievement Spotlight. What the Hub has done to support businesses through the pandemic.

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Chase Plastic – Spotlight

Chase Plastics Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements Spotlight. David Harris owner of Chase talks us through what they have achieved over lockdown.

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Magnus Group – Spotlight

Covid-19 Spotlight on Regional Business Achievements Magnus Group. Olly Magnus owner of Magnus Group talks about his challenge of dealling with lockdown.

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SMART – Spotlight

Smart Garden Offices Spotlight - Covid-19 Regional Business Achievements - tell us their story on how they delt with lockdown during the pandemic.

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Ensors – Spotlight

Covid-19 Spotlight on Regional Business Achievements - Ensors. Chris Barrett, Partner at Ensors taks us through the changes from an accountancy perspective.

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The KBB Centre – Spotlight

MAD-HR's Covid-19 Spotlight on Regional Business Achievements. This feature focusses on The KBB Centre in Ipswich and how they delt with Covid-19.

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New members of Suffolk ProHelp

MAD-HR become a member of Suffolk ProHelp in their efforts to Make A Difference to the local VCSE Sector in Suffolk.

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The Woolpack – Spotlight

Covid-19 Spotlight on Regional Business Achievements The Woolpack. In this feature we talk to Marita, Owner and Landlord of The Woolpack pub in Ipswich.

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Hudson Group LLP – Spotlight

Covid-19 Spotlight on regional Business Achievements. This feature focuses on Steve Flory from The Hudson Group and how they managed through Covid-19.

Can neurodiversity be considered a superpower in the workplace?

Is it possible that an employee who is living with neurodiverse traits could be even more creative, engaged, focused and capable?

MAD-HR Director Carole Burman joins The Consortium

We are thrilled to share that our Managing Director, Carole Burman has joined The Consortium as an Associate. 

Platinum Again! MAD-HR’s Feefo Triumph

We are honoured once again with a Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo, recognising our dedication to customer service.

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