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HR Consultancy

Compliance is an integral part of HR consultancy, it is not the only thing that HR Consultants do. 

A retained HR consultant will also help your business to grow and be more profitable. They will work with you to identify areas where you can improve efficiency and productivity, and help you to implement changes that will make a positive impact on your bottom line. 

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Latest HR Consultancy articles

HR consultancy

How an HR consultancy can drive business growth

When you analyse your business, HR underpins all aspects of business. We look at how HR consultancy can drive business growth


10 bizarre excuses for not paying national minimum wage

We share 10 of the most bizaar excuses for not paying national minimum wage have been revealed by the Government to encourage workers to check their payslip

interim word blocks

What can an Interim HR Director do for you?

We look at how hiring an Interim HR Director can be the ideal way to provide resource when you need it to manage an effective change programme

HR Strategy

4 things to know about strategic HR

MAD-HR share 4 things to know about strategic HR and look at the impact a strategic HR plan can have on your business plan.


Why MAD-HR was the right business to extend our HR team

Aime Southgate, Director of Montage Communications on why MAD-HR was the right business to extend their HR team to manage their growing organisation

HR Strategy

Why a great HR Strategy is crucial for an SME

Being proactive is much more effective than being reactive, we share the reasons that great HR Strategy is crucial for an SME

Employing Family and Friends

Case Study: How MAD-HR is making a difference

MAD-HR is making a difference to businesses and Carole Burman, MAD-HR MD, shares her insights and talks openly with readers.

ISSBA Banner Spotlight

MAD-HR are 1 of 8 businesses under the ISSBA Spotlight 2016

As one of 8 businesses chosen for this year's Anglia Business Spotlight event, MAD-HR are proud to be going under the ISSBA Spotlight 2016


Welcome on board Charlotte Bate

Ipswich HR Consultancy, MAD-HR Welcome on board Charlotte Bate.Charlotte joined this month to support the growth of the business,

lets talk written on post it note

EVENT: Menta “Let’s Talk People” – 11th October 2016

Join the expert Panel at this Menta event "Let's Talk People". Carole Burman, MAD-HR MD joins them to present to attendees


EVENT: Menta “Being and Employer. What you must know”

Charlotte Bate of our own MAD-HR is speaking at the Menta Employment Training event, "Being an Employer. What You Must Know."

Accounting article image

How to be a great accountant

MAD-HR can add value to your business and therefore your clients' business. Dont' just be a good accountant, be a great accountant

Business Growth

How to help your client’s business grow

As a trusted Advisor, you have put in much work to help your client, here's how you can further help your client's business grow


Meet Carole and hear how HR and PR are connected

Carole Burman will be at the Menta 'Meet the Journalists' event on 13th September 2016 and MAD-HR are sponsors. Hear how HR and PR are connected

HR written on wooden blocks

HR support: 10 ways it can benefit your business

HR support - Companies can struggle with the management of their HR. Here are 10 reasons why companies may need HR support.

solution puzzle

Choose the Right HR Company for Your Small Business

You created your business, now you need to choose the right HR company for your small business so you can grow it and thrive!

Accountant screen image

How To Be A Busy AND Profitable Accountant

As you work closely with your clients, more and more demands on your time occur, here's How To Be A Busy AND Profitable Accountant

Giving clients value image

How To Give Your Clients Value For Money

As a trusted advisor, it is important you add value to your clients' business. Here's how to give your clients value for money

help with HR

So why do you need help with HR ?

as a business there are so many areas of managing risk, people and time that are critical. here we outline several reasons why you may need help with HR

Popular HR Consultancy articles

These are the articles relating to HR Consultancy that are popular on the MAD-HR website.


If you are looking for information about how HR support can help you stay compliant and grow your business, you have come to the right place. Our HR Consultancy Hub has been created for business owners and people with HR responsibilities to find HR advice that is simple and clear to understand.


The impact of HR Consultancy on businesses

HR consultancy can have a positive impact on businesses in several ways on a day-to-day basis. Bringing in outsourced HR  expertise can help businesses to identify and assess their HR needs. This is important because it allows businesses to focus their efforts on areas with the biggest impact.

Additionally, HR consultancy can help businesses to develop and implement effective HR strategies. This can lead to improved employee retention, engagement, and productivity. Finally, HR consultancy can also provide valuable advice and guidance on compliance with employment laws and regulations. This is critical for ensuring that businesses operate within the bounds of the law and do not face any potential penalties. Overall, HR consultancy can be extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

MAD-HR is a consultancy that can help your business in many ways, some of which may be surprising. We have the experience and expertise to help you improve productivity, morale and communication within your company. Our team is passionate about helping businesses grow, so contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Contact MAD-HR via our contact page to find out more about the benefits of HR Consultancy.