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Personal growth: A goldfish jumping into a bigger bowl

Are you ready for personal growth?

If personal growth is on your mind, there are many avenues that could help you progress. Read about some of your options in this article.

a little more conversation article MAD-HR

How to talk about mental health at work

Getting yourself ready for a difficult conversation at work can be very difficult, here are our tips for how to prepare yourself

Employee wellbeing and engagement

Improving Employee Wellbeing & Engagement for Better Growth

When focusing on improving your employee wellbeing and engagement, here's how to get the most out of your investment.

Football on pitch

Being More Sarina – Leadership and People Management Tips

Sarina Wiegman and the Lionesses have won Euro 2022 for England! But what leadership lessons can we learn from her management style?

work from home article MAD-HR

Remote Wellbeing Support – How to best support a WFH colleague or employee

Loneliness affects employees who work remotely, and businesses must respect this reality and do all they can to ensure staff are supported.


Holiday entitlement and pay for ‘part year’ workers – Are you getting it right?

The Supreme Court ruling on the case of Harper Trust v Brazel is final, and here's how it will impact holiday entitlement and pay

managing menopause

Managing Menopause – Five Tips for Adopting a Workplace Approach

Here are five tips for a dedicated workplace approach to managing the menopause, from HR consultants MAD-HR

Business growth

Business growth – Is your business ready?

Is your business ready for growth? This process takes careful planning and analysis - here's what you should consider.

wellbeing article

How to create a well-being strategy

Does your business have a well-being strategy in place? If you want to aid recruitment and retention then a well-being strategy is essential


The Transformative Power of an HRIS

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is so much more than just a piece of database software. Here's what it can do for your SME.

Supporting Gender Reassignment in the Workplace

Supporting your Employee through Gender Reassignment

Gender reassignment is a protected characteristic. Here are some practical tips to consider regarding gender reassignment in the workplace.

Cycle to work scheme

Cycle to Work schemes are back in fashion

Cycle to Work Schemes can improve the mental and financial wellbeing of employees, as well as saving your business money. Here's how it works.

Relationships at work

What is the best way to manage relationships at work?

If a romantic relationship forms between two of your employees, how should you deal with it? Here, we explore all aspects of relationships at work.

Equality, diversity & inclusion training

How to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

How do you raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Here's what you need to know.

Hybrid working

Hybrid Working – is it right for your business?

Hybrid working is here, but is it really the future of work? We look at what hybrid working is and how to get it to work in your business.


Time’s up – when probation doesn’t work out

We look at how to deal with concerns during the probationary period, and what to do when an employee fails probation.

return to work form featured image

What is a return to work interview?

Return to work interviews are meetings that allows managers to understand reasons for absences & assess the support required for employees

mens health week image

Men’s Health Week 2022 – Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys

This week marks Men’s Health Week, encouraging greater awareness of the issues affecting the wellbeing of men and boys.

lonely person in office

Loneliness in the workplace – a very real threat

Is it possible to feel loneliness, even when you’re interacting with dozens of colleagues every day? Absolutely. What can employers do?

menopause in the workplace toolkit image

Menopause in the Workplace Toolkit

Our Menopause in the Workplace Toolkit ensures that you have what you need, avoiding the pitfalls and making mistakes.

MAD-HR Director Carole Burman joins The Consortium

We are thrilled to share that our Managing Director, Carole Burman has joined The Consortium as an Associate. 

Shining the Spotlight on Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity in the Workplace – Enabling leaders to see neurodivergence as a business advantage.

The Role of AI in Modern Recruitment

The MAD-HR team explores the growth of AI in recruitment processes and explains how to invest in your recruitment strategy.

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