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If you’re a business owner, or leader, it’s important to have a good HR strategy in place. 

There are a number of things to consider when creating an HR strategy, including payroll processes, benefits, and employee training. A clear HR strategy will help you attract and retain top talent, meet compliance obligations, and strengthen your company culture. 

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Latest HR Strategy articles

HR services

HR Services: Considerations when working with HR firms

HR Services - MAD-HR share the key things to look for when selecting an outsourced HR provider and how HR underpins business growth.

question mark in chalk

Why would anyone want to work for you and your business?

Why would anyone want to work for you and your business? MAD-HR explores how successful SME businesses attract and retain talent.

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5 Tips on Giving Memorable Presentations

Make your presentations exciting, poignant and powerful with these top tips from the training experts at MAD-HR


Planning for Paternity

Why Less Men Are Taking Paternity Leave…And What Employers Need to Know. Make sure you know how to manage your 'new dad' team members.

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Is the MAD-HR Toolkit right for your business?

Are you looking for a cost effective, compliant HR solution to suit your growing business? Here at MAD-HR we have the answer: Our Toolkit.

football pitch

Lessons In Management From Southgate

In today's world, playing the long game is not how we tend to plan. Gareth Southgate has proved time is essential if you want to create sustainable success.

appraisal meeting

How To Get The Best Out of Your Appraisal Process

Appraisals are like marmite: employees and employers alike either love them or hate them. But like Marmite, performance appraisals are here to stay.

business culture

Is the culture of a business important?

Why be concerned with your business culture? Your organisation’s culture is the foundation of its success. It matters and your whole team should know that.

Actionable steps to deal with the resignation of a key employee

Actionable steps to deal with the resignation of a key employee

Losing a star performer can be difficult for SMEs and initial reactions often include wondering if you have done something wrong.

boss mug

Leading by Example – Maintaining Your Edge

A growing, forward thinking company needs strong leadership to drive strategies forward. We help you maintain your edge with successful leadership skills.

Talent Management

Here’s why you’re losing talent from your business

If you are losing talent from your business, read our top HR tips on why this is and learn how successful organisations must create a retention strategy.

HR consultancy

How an HR consultancy can drive business growth

When you analyse your business, HR underpins all aspects of business. We look at how HR consultancy can drive business growth


What the Budget means for you as a business

Following on from Hammond's budget announcement on 8 March 2017, we have put together a round-up of outcomes and what the Budget means for you as a business

HR Strategy

4 things to know about strategic HR

MAD-HR share 4 things to know about strategic HR and look at the impact a strategic HR plan can have on your business plan.

HR Strategy

Why a great HR Strategy is crucial for an SME

Being proactive is much more effective than being reactive, we share the reasons that great HR Strategy is crucial for an SME

Employer Branding

Why Employer Brand is so important to your business

A strong Employer Brand is so important to your business. A powerful business tool that can connect an organisation’s values, people strategy,HR policies.

employee engagement

7 must dos to create a great company culture

Being a great place to work is key to success. Often easier said than done, we share what you need to do to create a great company culture and maintain it.


How to manage and lead organisational change

One of the most challenging business areas, read our helpful blog on How to manage and lead organisational change effectively


Leading by Example – Leadership in the 21st Century

you can have all the policies and procedures but you need to relate to your staff to succeed and achieve leadership in the 21st century

HR written on wooden blocks

HR support: 10 ways it can benefit your business

HR support - Companies can struggle with the management of their HR. Here are 10 reasons why companies may need HR support.

Popular HR Strategy articles

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By taking the time to develop an HR strategy, you can ensure that your company is poised for growth. There are many factors to consider when creating an HR strategy, so don’t hesitate to seek out expert advice. With the right planning and execution, your HR strategy can make a real difference in your business’ success.

We have created this page to be a hub of HR Strategy information. We publish many articles, written in plain English, about human resources strategy and how it supports overall business strategy.

The impact of HR Strategy on businesses

A well-developed HR strategy can have a positive impact on businesses of all sizes. By taking into account the specific needs and goals of the organization, an HR strategy can help to attract and retain the best talent. 

In addition, a well-executed HR strategy can improve employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity. It can help businesses to comply with employment laws and regulations. By developing a comprehensive HR strategy, businesses can lay the foundation for long-term success.

Businesses that have a well-defined HR strategy are able to grow in an intelligent way. By understanding the different aspects of human resources, and putting processes and protocols into place, businesses can ensure they are getting the most out of their employees. This not only leads to a more productive workforce, but also strengthens the company culture and builds employee loyalty. If you’re looking for help developing or implementing your business’s HR strategy, our team is here to assist you.

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